Since 1973, WAT Franklin Plus E.S.E Lighting conductors has been a specialist in solutions for the prevention and protection against lightning.

We are the leading company in the design, manufacture and control systems for the prevention and protection against lightning. We export to over 40 countries worldwide. Our comprehensive and analytical view has made us one of the most advanced companies in the sector worldwide. We offer a comprehensive and transversal service. We cover all stages, from research and development to installation and certification. We offer a personalized service tailored to all needs, with prompt answers to your queries. We assist in the search and implementation of safe and effective solutions.


We share the news and current events of lightning protection and prevention systems in a multidisciplinary field. Because knowledge improves your safety. Our engineering team works daily on new materials and devices for more efficient integrated solutions. Our challenge is to improve your lightning safety. We manufacture lightning rods and capture meshes, surge protectors and preventive protection products. We test all our products in the LABELEC, high voltage laboratory accredited by ENAC, as well as actual test conditions in the natural environment. Our offer fits your needs to guarantee safety. Our inspection body is accredited by ENAC and certifies all phases of the process: design and construction management, installation and periodic inspection of facilities. We offer an impartial and objective assessment of any protection system.