Lightning counters are control systems designed to detect the electric current that is directed to ground through the down conductor when a lightning strike hits the system.

The installation of the lighting meter on down conductors of external lightning protection systems (LPS) is indicated by the regulations for the control and immediate verification of the status of the protection system after any lightning strike recorded on the structure


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LPS via ESE lightning rods & conventional rods.

Place a CDR UNIVERSAL or CDR-11  lightning counter on one of the ground downconductors. 

The system requires no external power or batteries. Its electromechanical 3 digit dial counter registers whenever a lightning discharge flows through the down conductor (minimum intensity 1kA).

They can be placed on flat or round conductors, including the CDR UNIVERSAL has the advantage that it is not necessary to cut the down-conductor as it is placed in parallel and does not require ohmic contact to record discharges.

LPS with mesh systems or arrestor down-conductors in contact with metal structures.

This type of construction systems are characterized by current drifts that hinder detection of low and medium intensity lightning. The CDR-HS is a high sensitivity counter to detect impacts from 100 A, well below the minimum range in the regulations (1 kA). This makes the control system suitable for this type of protective systems, allowing us to track and verify the proper operation of the system.

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