As a leading specialist company in Full Lightning Protection market, we offer comprehensive, customised solutions for any phase of the project, including the following services:

  • A project design that provides solutions for full protection against lightning, is the most suited to your needs and is in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Installation of the complete lightning protection system, carried out by internal, expert personnel, thus ensuring that the installation is performed in accordance with the quality standards set out by WAT Franklin Plus E.S.E Lighting conductors.
  • Revision and control: We evaluate all the components, equipment and materials of the lightning protection installation to verify that it functions correctly.
  • Inspection by the QUIBAC Inspection Institution. This is an impartial organisation accredited by ENAC and equipped with all the instruments required to apply approved quality evaluation methods and procedures. It is also authorised to issue reports and certificates in accordance with current legislation and which are recognised and accepted nationally and internationally.


Each zone, each structure, each activity and each sector requires its own type of protection to optimise safety. WAT Franklin Plus E.S.E Lighting conductors evaluates all the factors and designs the project required for customised protection and prevention in the event of lightning and in accordance with needs and the environment.

We carry out studies on external protection against lightning, internal protection against power surges, grounding and prevention systems in order to find the full lightning protection system best adapted to each installation.

We provide a countrywide turnkey service that covers the study of the installation, work management and certification of the work carried out.

Our specialised personnel are highly qualified in working at heights and complete the work quickly and precisely.

In addition, we actively collaborate with installers to offer the best service and the highest safety level regarding the installation of our products: internal and external protection systems against lightning, storm alarm systems and grounding systems.

The training of the installer includes the latest technical developments in the offer of products and the quality standard of the installations is part of our goal to satisfy the needs of the final client today. This relationship enables us to maintain the quality of the installation while complying with the safety standards and legislation in our sector.

We provide a revision and control service of the lightning protection systems. Our inspectors carry out maintenance tasks and periodical checks. All electrical protection systems require periodic checks or whenever the equipment undergoes an electrical discharge.

We check the following points:

  • That there is no appreciable damage due to the impact of a lightning bolt.
  • That the Early Streamer Emission lightning rod maintains its integrity, that is to say, it preserves the electronic and/or mechanical characteristics stated by the manufacturer.
  • That there has been no extension or modification to the protected structure that might require installation of supplementary lightning protection measures.
  • That there are no appreciable cuts in the conductors by visually checking their electrical continuity.
  • That all the mechanical fastenings and protections are in good condition.
  • That there is no appreciable corrosion in the components.
  • That the safety distances are respected and the number of equipotential connections is sufficient and that they are in proper condition.
  • A visual check of the lightning meter to verify whether the installation has received an impact.
  • If the installation has power surge protectors, we check whether their local defect detector indicates that they have expired or not.
  • Verification of the electrical continuity of the down conductors.
  • Measurement of the electrical resistance of the grounding.
  • Verification of the correct functioning of the Early Streamer Emission lightning rod in accordance with the methodology of the manufacturer.
  • Drafting of a report that records the points inspected during maintenance.

Our objective is that all the processes be regulated by the legislation in force.

QUIBAC Entidad de Inspección is a Conformity Evaluation Organism (Type C), accredited by ENAC to certify lightning protection systems.

WAT Franklin Plus E.S.E Lighting conductors has specialised inspectors accredited for lightning protection who are responsible for the impartial inspection and trials of lightning conductors to ensure that all the processes are adapted to the legislation in force.

These types of actions provide you with the peace of mind to comply with the requisites which must be complied with regarding the safety of the workers and the areas where they carry out their work.

Complying with these regulations is often an essential requisite of insurance companies in order to cover the damage and repairs to your services in the event of a possible incident.