Surge Arrester

Surface-mounted surge protective device for telecommunications systems Quick installation due to plug-in terminals Different interface-specific types


The surface-mounted surge arresters with a modern design particularly protect modems and telephone systems with RJ plugs. The plug-in terminals allow easy installation.

Detail 1

Easy and fast installation by means of RJ plug-in system.

Detail 2

DLI ISDN I and DLI TC 2 I devices feature an LED display that indicates the supply voltage..

Detail 3

DLI ISDN I is capable of protecting two terminal devices at the same time.

Detail 4

Fixing lugs on the enclosure allow easy and fast wall mounting.


Part No. 929 024
SPD class Q
Nominal voltage (UN) 5 V
Nominal voltage pair-pair (UN) 40 V
Max. continuous operating d.c. voltage (Uc) 7.5 V
Max. continuous operating a.c. voltage (Uc) 5.2 V
Max. continuous d.c. voltage pair-pair (UC) 45 V
Nominal current (IL) 200 mA
D1 Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) per line (Iimp) 1 kA
C2 Total nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) (In) 10 kA
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) per line (In) 2.5 kA
Voltage protection level line-line for In C2 (Up) ≤ 30 V
Voltage protection level line-PG for In C2 (Up) ≤ 600 V
Voltage protection level pair-pair for In C2 (Up) ≤ 180 V
Voltage protection level line-line at 1 kV/µs C3 (Up) ≤ 17 V
Voltage protection level line-PG at 1 kV/µs C3 (Up) ≤ 600 V
Voltage protection level pair-pair at 1 kV/µs C3 (Up) ≤ 100 V
Series resistance per line 1 ohm
Cut-off frequency line-line 2 MHz
Capacitance line-line (C) ≤ 3 nF
Capacitance line-PG (C) ≤ 15 pF
Operating temperature range (TU) -40 °C ... +80 °C
Degree of protection IP 20
Connection (input / output) RJ45 / 2 x RJ45
Pinning 3/6, 4/5
Earthing via flat connector (6.3 mm)
Enclosure material polyamide PA 6.6
Colour yellow
Test standards IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21
Approvals GOST
Accessories connecting cable, mounting material
Weight 113 g
GTIN 4.01E+12
PU 1 pc(s)
Product Specifications (PDF)