DEHNrapid® LSA

Lightning Current / Surge Arrester

PVariable protection for 1 to 10 pairs in LSA systems of the 2/10 series LSA disconnection block function integrated in the lightning current arrester provides protection during testing, disconnecting and patching Modular system of lightning current and surge arresters can be combined to a single combined arrester


The DEHNrapid LSA arrester series is a modular system of lightning current arresters, surge arresters or combined lightning current and surge arresters that can be plugged into type 2 LSA disconnection blocks. The lightning current carrying 10-pair plug-in SPD block incorporates gas discharge tubes (optionally available with visual fault indication) and disconnection block contacts. This allows testing, disconnecting or patching of pairs with plugged-in protection or the additional attachment of single-pair surge arresters to ensure optimal protection of terminal equipment. The surge arresters snap into the earthing frame and can be removed as a block, whenever required.

Detail 1

Lightning current carrying SPD block with gas discharge tubes optionally available with visual fault indication and fail-safe feature.

Detail 2

Pluggable surge arresters in the form of protection blocks can be plugged into terminal or disconnection blocks.

Detail 3

Application-specific protection modules for protecting terminal equipment.

Detail 4

Modular design consisting of a plug-in SPD block with gas discharge tubes, earthing frame and application-specific protection modules.


Type DRL 10 B 180
Part No. 907 400
SPD class G
Nominal voltage (UN) 180 V
Max. continuous operating d.c. voltage (UC) 180 V
Max. continuous operating a.c. voltage (UC) 127 V
Nominal current (IL) 0.4 A
D1 Total lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) (Iimp) 5 kA
D1 Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) per line (Iimp) 2.5 kA
C2 Total nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) (In) 10 kA
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) per line (In) 5 kA
Voltage protection level line-line for Iimp D1 (Up) ≤ 500 V
Voltage protection level line-PG for Iimp D1 (Up) ≤ 500 V
Voltage protection level line-line at 1 kV/µs C3 (Up) ≤ 500 V
Voltage protection level line-PG at 1 kV/µs C3 (Up) ≤ 450 V
Series resistance per line ≤ 0.005 ohms
Capacitance line-line (C) ≤ 5 pF
Capacitance line-PG (C) ≤ 5 pF
Operating temperature range (TU ) -40 °C ... +80 °C
Degree of protection IP 10
Plugs into LSA disconnection block 2/10
Earthing via mounting frame
Enclosure material polyamide PA 6.6
Colour grey
Test standards IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21
Approvals VdS, GOST
Weight 65 g
GTIN 4.01E+12
PU 10 pc(s)
Product Specifications (PDF)