WAT Franklin Plus E.S.E Lighting conductors offers complete, integrated lightning protection solutions. These range from product research and development to installing systems, maintaining and certifying them.

We can work on all sorts of structures, locations, and businesses. This ranges from private properties to large-scale facilities.

We minimise the risk of lightning strikes on wind turbines
Their structures endure a large number of lightning strikes. Minimising their effects is key to maintaining the service.
In order to prevent incidents, open areas where large numbers of people congregate need specific safety systems.
At high-risk facilities, strict safety standards and rules must be adhered to in order to prevent serious consequences to the environment.
These buildings must be prepared for the possible effects of lightning strikes and to protect the people in them.
Their metal structures make them more susceptible to lightning strikes. A lightning strike could be hazardous for the general public.
Lightning protection is vital to guarantee personal safety and prevent services being affected.
They need to be protected, because they are vulnerable to lighting strikes, which can damage their systems and affect the power they supply.
Protecting people, machinery and inflammable products is an indispensable requirement in this field.
Safety systems are essential to protect people who gather in large-scale structures with high seating capacities